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Isuzu Vietnam join hands for supporting the Central region to overcome disasters

From October up to now, the rain and flood situation in the Central region is still continuing with a very complicated situation. Storms overlapping, floods, landslides everywhere have been devastating, causing millions of people in the Central to suffer great pain, tragedy and damage.

With the tradition of “Mutual love” of Vietnamese people and Isuzu Vietnam’s Motto “Always beside you”; Isuzu Vietnam Co., Ltd. (“IVC”) and Isuzu authorized dealers (“Dealers”) at nationwide have been implementing many programs to respond the call of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front for supporting people in the Central region to overcome difficulties and stabilize their lives.

In particular, IVCand Dealers at nationwide contributed more than 600 million VND & foods, necessities for people of the Central provinces. The donation is scheduled to be made from November 10, 2020 through representatives of Dealers located at Central and in coordination with the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in Central Provinces.

Besides, Trung Son dealer at Quang Tri is carrying out a special program for customers in the Central region: support free towing for vehicles in Vinh Linh – Quang Tri (30 km), Dong Hoi – Quang Binh (90 km), Dong Ha – Quang Tri (10 km) and supports free vehicles check at home.

Especially, IVC cooperates with Dealers at the Central region to implement the “Mobile Service program” for customers affected by floods and storms.

With the aim of providing timely support to customers in the affected areas and meeting the increased maintenance & repair demand after floods, ensuring continuous and safety operation, IVC co-operates with the Dealers at the Central region to implement the “Mobile Service program” to support for vehicle maintenance/inspection and damaged repair. Hopefully, this prompt support will help customers in reducing difficulties and stabilizing their business activities.

10 November, 2020

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